YouTube EME Clips

Since it might be interesting to see how your signals are being received off the Moon, we decided to make ( now and then rather than on regular basis ) some video clips demonstrating how we receive correspondents and also how the band looks like during major EME events either contests or Dxpeditions.

Therefore we established dedicated channel at Youtube, where we upload EME-related short video clips. To access this channel ( EME2m ) just click the image below:

To access this channel ( EME2m ) just click the image


In order to ensure proper quality of the clips during playback, please:
  1. Watch the clips in Fullscreen mode
  2. Set Youtube playback video quality options to best available ( should be HD )
This will guarantee that all the details including small fonts of MAP65 RXed data will be sharp and clearly visible.

To give you an idea of the contents of EME2m Youtube channel, exemplary clip of great 9G5EME Dxpediton Cqs is embedded below.

Enjoy !