EME Skeds & Resources

EME is a great fun available to quite a lot of stations equipped with a single yagi antennas and no elevation capabilities. Therefore we would like to encourage you to *THINK* about Moonbouncing and try JT65B EME QSO with us, should your station meet the following parameters ( medium Meteorscatter capable station ): In the favourable EME condx we should be able to make EME QSO and we would love to do it - QRP EME is both great challenge and fun for everyone. In case you still have doubts, please check the online resources listed below - with lots of useful practical information in the subject matter. And then do not hesitate to contact us for EME sked !

The smallest EME station worked to date:
WQ5S - antenna: 9el yagi, power: 50w ( yes, fifty watts ) - estimated EIRP: 1KW
RXed QSO line ( 9 May 2014 ): 215500 2 -25 2.0 266 3 * SP4K WQ5S DM82 0 10
Apparently massive Ground Gain phenomena at Moonrise in WQ5S location contributed to this 'on the edge' EME QSO.

Basic online resources for an EME'r-to-be

Moon-Net Mailing List - where all the EME'rs of the Earth exchange news and information

N0UK EME Online Chat - primary resource to coordinate skeds online, excellent both for JT65 and CW

PE1L & Co. Live CQ - fine and extremely useful resource that allows you to see who and where is actually CQing over the Moon in real time
( would be nice to see you own call there ! )

PE1L EME Logger pages - The EME DXpeditions & much more - a must for serious EME DXer, learn it from the best ones!

DF2ZC 144 MHz EME NewsLetter - check what's in the press

ON4KHG webpage -where Ground Gain mystery is unraveled, one great resource for QRP EME

ON7EH webpage - another great resource for QRP EME

VK3UM webpage - everything for the technical considerations of your EME station

K1JT WSJT Software - this is THE SOFTWARE, enabling you to hear and be heard over the Moon

GM4JJJ Moonsked Software - great tool to schedule, track and do much more in your EME shack

SP4MPB Homepage - comprehensive webpage of our friend Marek SP4MPB - Top Polish VHF/UHF/SHF'er ( EME-active of course ! )