SSTV DX Gallery


Please read my SSTV story ( in Polish ) available here: SP4KM - MOJE SSTV


Slow Scan Television has been my fascination since early days of my ham radio addiction. They say that one picture tells you more than 10.000 words – and I believe they are right. SSTV brings a new dimension to our hobby and gives it an additional flavour, especially when you are interested in DXing.


SSTV is also important for me as in late 80’s – early 90’s I spent a lot of time on constructing and utilizing my own SSTV converter ( basic 8 sec. B/W mode ). At that time it was really not easy in Poland to complete all the necessary parts and technical documentation, so I have had a lot of fun building it on my own right from the scratch. You can see my homemade SSTV converter at the attached photo ( right behind my head ).


In recent years SSTV has grown in popularity and – unfortunately – the SSB/newbie SSTV QRM became a real obstacle in working DX this mode. Since it takes quite a lot of time to complete QSO ( let’s say 4 minutes for 2 pictures and some voice exchange ), SSTV is not very popular among DXpeditions ( except for recent great N8S expedition – a fine example what IS possible ) and there is still a lot of room to activate new DXCC’s this on mode.

Since one picture will tell you more than 10.000 words I can write here, I welcome you to my SSTV DXing Gallery ( button above ) – see it yourself.